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DeepRacer reMARS

Invex CEO sets world record at AWS re:MARS

Our CEO, John Amos, set the world record for a machine learning race car on June 6th at the AWS re:MARS conference in Las Vegas!  He developed the model, trained it, then deployed it to the AWS DeepRacer fully autonomous race car (1/18th scale) driven by reinforcement learning.

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Best Places to Work in 2019

We are proud to be ranked #12 by the Washington Business Journal as one of the best small companies to work in 2019.  We are committed to provide a workplace environment where people are encouraged, inspired, and enabled to be the best they can be!

AWS Public Sector Partner

Invex has been accepted into the AWS Public Sector Partner Program.  We look forward to working with the AWS team to continue serving our public sector customers.

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