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DeepRacer Track

AWS DeepRacer Training

We have setup our training track for anyone interested in loading their models and taking their AWS DeepRacer cars for a spin. We have some drone coverage of our setup at the 50 West Winery out in Middleburg, Virginia.  Contact us if you’re interested in getting involved!

DeepRacer PSS

Invex CEO wins 1st place at AWS Public Sector Summit

The Invex CEO, John Amos, continues to dominate the race track with a solid win for 1st place at the AWS Public Sector Summit.  He broke his record from re:MARS by 0.1 seconds but falls short from the current world record holder, Anthony Navarro.  He plans to participate again in the main event held in…

DeepRacer reMARS

Invex CEO sets world record at AWS re:MARS

Our CEO, John Amos, set the world record for a machine learning race car on June 6th at the AWS re:MARS conference in Las Vegas!  He developed the model, trained it, then deployed it to the AWS DeepRacer fully autonomous race car (1/18th scale) driven by reinforcement learning.

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